Your Pocket AI comes with an automatic one year warranty. You can receive an extended 6-month warranty by registering online within 30 days of purchase. Please enter the information to complete the registration.


* Each Pocket AI serial number comes with 1 six-month warranty extension.

* After the 1st year of warranty coverage ends, the extended 6-month warranty takes effect.

* The extended 6-month warranty service, including all terms and conditions, is the same as the initial 1-year warranty service.

Process of warranty registraion

01 Please click Product Registration and sign in.
02 If you have not created an ADLINK account, click Register to create one
03 After signing in, fill out the product and purchase information, accept the terms and conditions, and then click Submit.
IMPORTANT: Make sure you enter the information correctly. After clicking Submit, no further changes are possible.
04 Looking for the serial number? It's on the side of the box (highlighed in red).