Intelligent Machine Condition Monitoring Solution

Helps sustain efficient performance by enabling users to forecast potential problems in order to implement preventative measures and conduct equipment maintenance or replacement

reduction of unplanned downtime

reduction of maintenance-related expenses

increase in production efficiency

Effective Asset Protection

ADLINK’s MCM-100 machine condition monitoring edge platform highlights around-the-clock continuous data collection and vibration measurement with maximized precision and sampling rates for rotating machinery and equipment. Combining data collection, vibration analysis algorithms, computation and network connection in one system, the MCM-100 enables rotating machinery, tooling, and plant and automation equipment operators to easily overcome challenges inherent in conventional equipment maintenance.

Facility Management

  • Increased equipment availability / uptime
  • Reduced maintenance-related costs

Facility Management

  • Increased equipment availability / uptime
  • Reduced maintenance-related costs

Machine Builders

  • Enhanced performance increases sales
  • Value-adding data analysis and management capabilities


Simple Connection, Configuration, and Operation in all-in-one MCM Edge Platform

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Solution Diagram

A machine condition monitoring edge platform ideally suited for data acquisition and vibration measurement applications. Delivering 24-hour vibration monitoring for rotating machinery and equipment.

  • Seamless interconnection
  • Automatic event alarm notices

Steel Mill


Pump Station

Power Substation

Facility Management

Air Compressor



Screw Machine

Machine Builders


Fast, Simple Whole-System Setup with No Downtime

  • Integrated function in compact construction
  • Built-in IEPE 2mA excitation current source, requires no additional signal conditioning

Complete One-Operation Data Acquisition, Analysis, and Upload

Delivers edge-based data acquisition, domain algorithm, data analytics capability, converting machine status, usage trends, alarms, and more for distribution

Real-time Monitoring & Intelligent Management

  • Easy to implement third party web dashboard enables remote acquisition of machine status
  • Automatic recording of machine information to enable long-term machine health monitoring
  • Enable value-added service for Machine builders

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