Technical Papers

  Car Navigation Audio Testing Application notes Nov. 2015
  HiFi Mobile Phone Audio Testing Application notes Nov. 2015
  Audio Loop Back Testing Application notes Nov. 2015
  Precision Multi-Channel PXIe Systems Making Wind Tunnel Testing More Efficient, Easier Application notes Oct. 2014
  Portable USB DSA for Dynamic Rotor Balance Analysis Application notes Oct. 2014
  Application of ADLINK's PCI-9846 high resolution digitizer in harmonics detection Application notes Jan. 2014
  Overcoming QA challenges in smart multimedia device manufacturing with state-of-the-art video testing White Papers Jan. 2014
  Improving Fidelity of Noise Repetitive Signals with Signal Averaging Technology White Papers Dec. 2013
  An application of non-destructive structure status inspection and online monitoring based on ultrasonic Application notes Dec. 2013
  Test Systems for High Speed Data Streaming Applications White Papers Jul. 2013
  Design of a Testing Apparatus for AIR Navigation Vor Signals Application notes June. 2013
  Application of High-speed Digitizers in Electronic Time Fuse General Testing Systems Application notes June. 2013
  Distributed Temperature Sensing with High-Resolution Digitizers Application notes Apr. 2013
  Continuous Online Partial Discharge Monitoring of High Voltage Transformers Application notes Apr. 2013
  High-Speed Digitizer for Power Supply Unit Testing Application notes Apr. 2013
  Full HD Video and Audio Testing Application notes Apr. 2013
  Application of High-speed Digital Instruments in Testing Firework Products Application notes Mar. 2013
  An Inverter Output Performance Test System Application notes Mar. 2013
  Synchrotron Research with High-Density PXI DAQs Application notes Mar. 2013
  Automatic Solar Cell Test Apparatus with Simultaneous-Sampling DAQ Modules Application notes Mar. 2013
  High Precision, Non-Contact Measurement with Laser Displacement Sensor and USB DAQ Application notes Jan. 2013
  Can laser radar systems be designed to be more powerful? Application notes Sep. 2012
  Predictive maintenance: starting with data acquisition Application notes Sep. 2012
  "Clean" electric energy of electric locomotives Application notes Sep. 2012
  Can real-time turbidity online monitoring be realized easily? Application notes Sep. 2012
  Integrated and simplified design Application notes Sep. 2012
  High-Resolution Dynamic Signal Acquisition for Speaker Testing Application notes Aug. 2011
  High-Speed Digitizer for Distributed Temperature Sensing Application notes Sep. 2009
  High Fidelity and High Definition Technologies Expanding Beyond Your Home Entertainment System Application notes Sep. 2009
  High-Speed Digital I/O Modules for Testing Image Sensors Application notes Aug. 2009
  Automatic Material Testing Using a 24-bit High-Precision Load Cell Input Card Application notes Aug. 2007
  Enabling modern research on dolphins communication Application notes Dec. 2005
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