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Meeting the Internet of Things with Low Power Embedded Designs
Apr. 2014
Industrial Workload Consolidation Platform
Feb. 2014
SMARC: The Smart Choice for Low-Power Embedded Computing
Dec. 2013
Intelligent Systems Advance with 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors
Oct. 2013
VITA 75 vs. VPX: Optimizing unmanned vehicle thermal and payload efficiencies
Aug. 2013
UGV Requirements Push Evolution in HPEC Performance
May 2013
High speed pattern streaming system based on AXIe's PCIe connectivity and synchronization mechanism
June. 2013
The Latest Computer on Modules Form Factor - SMARC
Apr. 2013
Addressing Thermal Considerations in PXI/PXIe System Design
Aug. 2012
From Guts to GUI
Jun. 2012
Business Access Control System
Nov. 2011
Know Your SSDs
Oct. 2011
Getting to the core of rugged transportation systems: Overcoming challenges of both general and application-specific design
Sep. 2011
Rugged Vehicle Computing Platforms - Design Considerations
Jan. 2010
A Look at DAQMaster and DAQPilot
Jan. 2010
CompactPCI solution targets rugged apps
Nov. 2009

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