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Jeff Munch ColumnGetting to the core of rugged transportation systems: Overcoming challenges of both general and application-specific design

Designing for rugged, small form factor applications presents challenges, but there are form factors and manufacturing techniques that accommodate most requirements for either general or application-specific design. Mobility and environmental extremes are critical considerations for transportation applications; by selecting the right core and rugged framework, focusing on and prioritizing any added customization becomes a much simpler mission
Rugged Vehicle Computing Platforms - Design Considerations
Rugged Vehicle Computing Platforms - Design Considerations
The trend in Vehicle Computing Platforms for end users has moved from office-based PC platforms to rugged industrial PC (IPC) products. IPC adoption is projected to increase at an above average rate in the traffic and transportation sectors. Read More >>
 Tech Forum
Consolidating Packet Forwarding Services on the ADLINK aTCA 6200 Blade with the Intel® DPDK
Know Your SSDs
Rugged Vehicle Computing Platforms - Design Considerations
Designing with the SUMIT stacking expansion specification for an I/O module
The benefits of migration to PICMG 1.3 for embedded computing applications
Ubuntu Goes Embedded
Thinking Inside the Box: An Overhaul of Box PCs for High-Reliability Applications
Designing Embedded Systems with ATCA Technology
ADLINK Utilizes Dual Intel® Xeon™ Processors for Advanced Vision Platform based on the AdvancedTCA Architecture
Benefits of Standardization with Computer on Modules
Telecom Multiple Service Switching Platform based on the cPCI Architecture
Content delivery network center based on AdvancedTCA
Computers on Module in the Fast Lane
Evolving Standards for Traditional IPCs
Industrial PC Applications for PCI-to-PCI Bridges
 Application Note
Business Access Control System
COTS Conduction Cooled CompactPCI for Military Applications
Dual Xeon 6U cPCI Blades Powers HA Computing:Provide the computing power of Dual Xeon Processor Single Board Computers...
ADLINK NuPRO SBC in Air Traffic Control Simulator:Each air traffic control simulator required five Pentium III commercial PC's. Dell was constantly changing the system..
Dual-System: ADLINK Provides Two Models of Dual-System Platform in Both 3U and 6U Form Factors.
 Success Story
CompactPCI: Improving the Synergy of Public Transportation Systems!!
 Jeff Munch Column
Jeff Munch Column
Mr. Jeff Munch is Chair of the AdvancedTCA subcommittee and also CTO of ADLINK Technology. Mr. Munch has more than twenty years experience in the hardware design, software development, and engineering resource management. Before joining ADLINK, Mr. Munch spent five years at Motorola Computer Group as Director of Engineering, and previously, 9 years as vice president of engineering at Pro-Log.
Getting to the core of rugged transportation systems: Overcoming challenges of both general and application-specific design
CompactPCI solution targets rugged apps
Reducing the Cost of MicroTCA
COM Express gains a major interoperability boost
Today's embedded computer solutions
Next Generation Computer On Module
The Future of AdvancedTCA
The Move to Point to Point Interconnects
Passive Backplane Architectures
A Closer Look at AdvancedTCA Fabric Interface
AdvancedTCA Data Transports
AdvancedTCA Background
Industry Standard Mezzanine Modules
CompactPCI System Management
The Future of x86 Processors in CompactPCI
Network Processors and CompactPCI
Architecting Highly Available CompactPCI Systems

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