Internet of Things Solution Improves Vending Machine Profitability
Intel and ADLINK Technology use IoT technologies to help vending machine operators reduce operating costs and increase sales

Advanced Manufacturing
ADLINK is specialized to provide highly flexible manufacturing of high mix services, from low-to-medium volume products. We also provide customized design and manufacturing services including carrier boards for computer-on-modules, modified standards or fully customized products.

Alliance and Partners
ADLINK is a Premier member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. From modular components to market-ready systems, Intel and the 250+ global member companies of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance provide scalable, interoperable solutions that accelerate deployment of intelligent devices and end-to-end analytics...

Build your IoT with ADLINK
Leveraging the Industrial IoT with a leading embedded computing products provider represents an immense opportunity for your business. ADLINK delivers the latest technology for the IoT today, including a comprehensive portfolio of devices, gateways, network infrastructure and cloud services to accelerate your implementation of the IoT in a wide range of vertical markets.

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Intelligent Middleware to Monitor and Control your devices

Sema Utilities 3.0Downtime of devices or systems is not acceptable in today's industries. To help customers to analyze their systems and take counter measures for preventive maintenance, ADLINK has developed a tool which is able to monitor and collect system performance and status information from the hardware in a timely, flexible and precise manner: the Smart Embedded Management Agent (SEMA®).

SEMA® Overview

Time-to-Market (TTM) and Total-Costs-of-Ownership (TCO) are key aspects to producing competitive products. To combine TTM and TCO in a reliable manner, a solid and reliable platform is fundamental. To assist in this endeavor, every ADLINK computer-on-module (COM), single board computer (SBC) and Mini-ITX product is equipped with a Board Management Controller (BMC) device supporting SEMA®.

Selection of SEMA® Board Controller Functions

Selection of SEMA® Board Controller Functions

Initially designed for power sequencing tasks, the BMC has evolved to include many new and useful features throughout the years. Measuring system voltages and currents, controlling fan speed, accessing GPIOs and I2C bus are only a few examples of these new capabilities. Being compatible with the latest PICMG Embedded Application Programming Interface specification (EAPI) reduces your effort to port existing calls to SEMA® to nearly zero! On top of that SEMA® provides an extended set of functions e.g. to show and control CPU Operation Mode, to read out HDD S.M.A.R.T. data or to read out a comprehensive set of system data.

Functional Overview

Providing the interface from the hardware to the operating system is one of SEMA®'s most important functions. The BMC first collects all relevant information from the chipset and other sources. Using the I2C driver and the Extended EAPI the application layer fetches the data and presents it to the user. The application can be a local customer specific implementation or the SEMA® Dashboard which can access the Extended EAPI also remotely and which shows the data in user-friendly graphic interfaces, suitable for supervision and troubleshooting.

Functional Overview

SEMA® Features

At the heart of SEMA® is the Board Management Controller (BMC) supporting SEMA® functions. The SEMA® Extended EAPI provides access to all functions then. A graphical user Interface allows to monitor and control one or multiple devices / computer modules. So SEMA® comprises:

  • SEMA® Board Management Controller HW and FW
  • SEMA® Extended EAPI Library
  • SEMA® Graphical User Interface (GUI)

SEMA® supports the following functions and information:

  • CPU Operation Modes
  • Memory Information
  • Network Information
  • ACPI Power Management
  • HDD S.M.A.R.T
  • Bios Updates
  • Heartbeat
  • Power Consumption
  • User Area Access
  • Alerts for Power and Temperature Consumption
  • I2C Bus Control
  • Temperatures(CPU and Board)
  • Board Information (Serial Number, Part Number, Firmware Version...)
  • 1-Wire® Bus support
  • Logging of Power-Up Failures
  • Fan Control
  • GPIO Control

SEMA Features

SEMA Features

Forensic information is available after system or module failures includes minimum and maximum temperature of the CPU and system, as well as HDD S.M.A.R.T information - all of which can be used to analyze system or module failure.

SEMA® is available for Linux and Windows operating systems and for various HW platforms.

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