Internet of Things Solution Improves Vending Machine Profitability
Intel and ADLINK Technology use IoT technologies to help vending machine operators reduce operating costs and increase sales

Advanced Manufacturing
ADLINK is specialized to provide highly flexible manufacturing of high mix services, from low-to-medium volume products. We also provide customized design and manufacturing services including carrier boards for computer-on-modules, modified standards or fully customized products.

Alliance and Partners
ADLINK is a Premier member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. From modular components to market-ready systems, Intel and the 250+ global member companies of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance provide scalable, interoperable solutions that accelerate deployment of intelligent devices and end-to-end analytics...

Build your IoT with ADLINK
Leveraging the Industrial IoT with a leading embedded computing products provider represents an immense opportunity for your business. ADLINK delivers the latest technology for the IoT today, including a comprehensive portfolio of devices, gateways, network infrastructure and cloud services to accelerate your implementation of the IoT in a wide range of vertical markets.

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SEMA Cloud®

ADLINK's device-to-cloud-to-application industrial IoT solution

The SEMA Cloud® Application Enbablement Platform (AEP) is ADLINK’s new one-stop industrial grade end-to-end IoT solution allowing to connect embedded devices to a cloud platform which is provided as a Service (PaaS), which is scalable and which can connect any number of devices and applications.

Smart Embedded Management Agent (SEMA)

By combining SEMA® intelligent middleware with cloud connectivity, ADLINK takes remote management technology a step further than previous generations. By employing full connectivity, from edge to cloud to end application, SEMA-Cloud-enabled embedded devices can connect to the cloud without additional design requirements. Pushing data to the cloud enables operators to verify, monitor and control system performance from a single, central location – improving reliability and reducing maintenance costs. Making data available for other applications by means of standard web interfaces enables operators to develop own new business models and to monetize their data.

Manage and control all devices with one click

  Integrate an unlimited number of devices into the SEMA Cloud® service
  Monitoring and control all devices from anywhere at anytime
  Reduce downtime and increase system reliability

Avoid system downtime with Predictive Maintenance

  Proactively respond as irregularities are identified
  Automatic event processing avoids system downtime
  Assign threshold to any kind of data
  Assign alerts when thresholds are crossed
  Stay informed about irregularities by SMS and email notifications

Integration of operational device data to business processes

  vertical networked/ integration of embedded systems with business processes -> interface to ERP systems (e.g. SAP, SQL)

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

  Concurrently run common tasks for predefined groups of devices
  Remotely apply batch updates to devices
  Save costs by avoiding on-site maintenance

Being a holistic solution, ADLINK's SEMA Cloud® offers users the entire infrastructure required. Customers do not need to develop their own cloud solution, avoiding laborious checking of hardware compatibility, finding a suitable cloud server, implementing data encryption or developing proprietary communication protocols.

SEMA Cloud Architecture

SEMA Cloud® is based on ADLINK products. In addition to individual devices, it includes encrypted data transfer to our cloud infrastructure and an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) to monitor and/or control devices from any location at any time via the Internet.

ADLINK devices

All SEMA®-enabled ADLINK products are basically enabled for SEMA Cloud® as well. They feature a Board Management Controller (BMC) which collects all relevant data from the chipset and other sources and provides it to the SEMA® software layer and the new SEMA Cloud® Agent/Gateway software, which prepares the data and transfers it to the cloud via encrypted communication (SSL, TLS).

  Devices transmit data via Ethernet , Wireless LAN or / cellular network to the cloud
  Using secure MQTT TR50 or HTTPS TR50 protocol
  Additional customer data can be transferred

ADLINK devices

ADLINK's Global Cloud Server Infrastructure

ADLINK's cloud services meet the highest safety standards and the highest demands on reliability. Customers have the following key functions at their disposal:

ADLINK's SEMA Cloud® Agent/Gateway SW
  Operation Rule Processor: downloads and executes configuration files on the device
  Not-always connected mode (2G/3G/4G)
  Connection drop recognition
  File transfer
  Local database
  SEMA® monitoring and controlling functions

ADLINK's Cloud Server

Device Management
  Manage connected devices with unique ID
  Monitor data connection for quality and reliability
  Store the data from field clients (optional)

SDK for customer specific data
  push your own data from device to the cloud

Data Management
Data storage in the cloud
Connection management, including server availability and traffic control
Interface to ERP systems (e.g. SAP, SQL)
Download of any kind of files to one or multiple devices, e.g. to perform FW upgrades
Event Processing
Analyze device and sensor data using defined rules for device and data type
Trigger SEMA® calls when preset threshold values are exceeded (e.g. send SMS or email notification, initiate system shutdown)
Operation Rule Processor: Rules can be processed in the cloud as well as on devices to run locally

Management Portal

Access device information and sensor data via standard web browser
Manage devices and administer the platform

User Interface

Web APIs for customer specific HTML or mobile app development
Location tracking: positional representation of all devices
Campaign management: scheduling of actions or tasks for single devices or pre-defined groups of devices


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