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PMQi Cognitive Gateway

Performance at the Edge - enables new real time analytics and local decision making. Advanced security for trusted data (Edge to cloud). Connects to cloud analytics out of the box. Based on MATRIX-MXE200 platform.

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IBM PMQ platform

Built on best practices data model with asset registry and even repository. Data integration enables advanced analytics platform, enterprise and field management. Developed assets are deployed to the Cognitive Gateway on the Edge.

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PMQi Industrial Appliance

Hardened Platform with dual Intel Xeon processors provides power and felicity for the PMQ platform - ready to run. Extreme resilience against shock, vibration and temperature, solid state storage, conductive cooling and onsite security.

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How PMQi Solutions Work

PMQi Cognitive Gateway

Performance at the Edge – the PMQI Cognitive Gateway enables near real time and local decision making, running a local scoring engine based on the PMQ scoring model deployed. Monitoring and predictive scoring are leveraged to unlock cost savings and new revenue opportunities

Security & Manageability – the PMQi Cognitive Gateway provides advanced security for trusted data from edge to cloud.

IBM PMQ Platform

Allow the devices and sensors to communicate with the Cognitive Gateway with most protocols and interfaces (WiFi, Zigbee, Modbus, etc.). Analytics are using the most recent data from the connected devices.

Built on best practice models including an asset registry and event repository. A data integration layer enables information delivery to advanced analytic platform as well as communication and result deployment.

Advanced analytics provide a host of IOT ready technologies including predictive, optimization and visualization. Developed assets can be deployed to the edge – Cognitive Gateway – to reduce failure rates or predict maintenance.

PMQi Industrial Appliance

A Hardened Platform - The PMQi industrial appliance is a hardened computing platform based on Intel© Xeon™ processors. Protected by IP65 ingress protection, withstanding shock and vibration to NEBS standard, wide temperature range with conductive cooling and Solid State drives.

Pre-configured PMQ – the appliance provided ample processing performance to host the PMQ platform, ready to run “out of the box”.

On Premise Modeling – the appliance continuously receives data from the Gateways for continuous improving on the scoring model as well as data visualization. Update scoring models are then distributed out to the Gateways.

Cloud Enabled – The appliance can synch with the IBM Bluemix Cloud central data storage and synchronization.

*Disclaimer - ADLINK PMQi available in United States only

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