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Application: Substation Automation

In power substations, voltage generated elsewhere is converted from high to low or the reverse using transformers. In the area of transmission, equipment is used as a data concentrator and in distribution, for supervision, monitoring and control.

Some supervisory functions performed in the substation, such as communication of relay status and circuit breakers to central administration via Ethernet and verification of circuit breaker states, must be performed even in the event of a short circuit, blackout or other contingency.

ADLINK Solution: MXC-2000 Series: Intel® Atom™ Processor-based Fanless Expandable Embedded Computer

The MXC-2000 Series The MXC-2000 provides guaranteed system stability and reliability when deployed in a power substation environment. The system design with one PCI and one PCIe slot offers maximum flexibility for system integration and expansion.

The wide input range of the AC/DC switching power supply meets the requirements of most power substation applications. Fanless, managed LANs, isolated DIO, dual power inputs, and rugged system housings all contribute to the MXC-2000's suitability for this type of application.

The MXC-2000 Series is further configurable for reliable operation in a -20 to 70°C operating temperature range, offering an optimal solution for applications subjected to harsh environments. (Contact ADLINK for the MXC-2013 product information)

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