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Feeder Terminal Unit in Electrical Transmission Network

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Application: Feeder Terminal Unit

In conventional urban electrical power supply systems, electricity generated at the power plant level is converted in substations, level by level, for transmission through cable networks to user sites.

Numerous nodes distributed throughout the network separate the overall system. Integrity of supply is recorded in a FTU (feeder terminal unit) of the node, fed back to a corresponding RTU (remote terminal unit) in the originating substation and finally gathered in the SCADA system.

The FTU comprises a data concentrator and protective relays, two or four, dependent on the power line input/output arrangement and deployment. When the protective relay is closed, power is transmitted between the FTUs for the specific powered area. In current implementation, the protective relays automatically open to interrupt transmission in segments and narrow power-down potential in controlled areas in the event of system malfunction or damage to supply lines.

ADLINK Solution: MXE-1300 Series: Intel® Atom™ D2550/ N2600 Processor-based Fanless Embedded Computer

The MXE-1301 delivers outstanding reliability in even harsh environments for dependable data concentration in FTUs. Two or four protective relays connect to the MXE-1301 through serial ports, as well as the data in the protective relays. Critical integrity information, such as “open” state of relays is collected by MXE-1301 and provided to the RTU in substations for transmission to the SCADA system.

The MXE-1300's compact and hardy construction, well able to sustain operations in temperature ranges as wide as -20 to 70°C, is supported by fanless and cable-free design, effectively extending the MTBF while enhancing reliability of the system, thereby satisfying the most critical concerns of the application.

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