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ADLINK Home Products PC/104 family, Small-Form-Factor PC/104


ADLINK PC/104 family products provide unmatched fanless operation over temperature extremes, resistance to shock and vibration, conformal coating, embedded BIOS, and a long product life reputation. The products continue to distinguish itself as an Extreme Rugged™ product for a multitude of applications.



PCI/104-Express Type 1 Single Board Computer with 6th Gen. Intel® Core™ Processor (formerly codename: Skylake)

CoreModule 920 
Extreme Rugged™ PCI/104-Express Single Board Computer with 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor


Extreme Rugged™ PC/104-Plus Single Board Computer with Intel® Atom™ Processor System-on-Chip


Extreme Rugged™ PC/104 Single Board Computer with Intel® Atom™ Processor System-on-Chip

PC/104 Single Board Computer with Vortex86DX3 System-on-Chip

PC/104 Single Board Computer with Vortex86DX2 System-on-Chip

CoreModule 430 
486 PC/104 Single Board Computer Highly Integrated, Low Power


Extreme Rugged™, PCI-104 Single Board Computer with Intel® Atom™ Processor E3800 Series SOC

Extreme Rugged™ PC/104-Plus, PCI-104 Single Board Computer with Intel® Atom™ Processor System-on-Chip

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2016 Catalog for Rugged Small Form Factor Single Board Computer and System Solutions
View Online Catalog.

Rugged by Design Methodology

Learn about ADLINK's rugged design methodology. (more)


Extreme Rugged™
Our Extreme Rugged boards and systems are designed for harsh environments from the ground up. To support the extremes of shock, vibration, humidity, and temperature, care is given to component selection, circuit design, PCB layout and materials, thermal solutions, enclosure design, and manufacturing process. Robust test methods, including Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT), ensure optimal product design phases and meet stringent requirements such as -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range, MIL-STD, shock & vibration, and long-term reliability.
Our Rugged products achieve a middle ground between industrial and Extreme Rugged applications that experience less shock and vibration and operate within a -20°C to +70°C temperature range. PC-style connectors are used to simplify cabling because shock and vibration are minimal. Thermal solutions and other system components are designed for indoor and light outdoor environments.

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