ADLINK Technology Introduces High Density Simultaneous 8-channel 100MS/s 14-Bit PXI Express Digitizer

ADLINK Technology Introduces High Density Simultaneous 8-channel 100MS/s 14-Bit PXI Express Digitizer

The PXIe-9848 offers high data throughput and density for power supply unit testing.


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ADLINK Technology, Inc. announces the release of its new PXI Express Digitizer, the PXIe-9848, an 8-channel, 14-bit, 100 MS/s digitizer delivering both high-accuracy measurement results and high-dynamic performance. With a PXI Express bus interface and ample onboard acquisition memory up to 512 MB, the PXIe-9848 can easily manage simultaneous 8-CH data streaming. High density and high speed digitizer features ideally position the PXIe-9848 for applications such as LIDAR, radar signal acquisition, and PSU (Power Supply Unit) testing applications.

The PXIe-9848 provides a flexible set of input ranges from ±0.2V to ±2V, software selectable 50Ω or 1MΩ input impedance, a wide variety of triggering options and tight synchronization capability, all maximizing convenience of use. In addition, benefiting from PXI Express architecture, users can synchronize multiple PXIe-9848 digitizers to mount a test system providing up to 64 channels in a single 9-slot PXI Express chassis. PXIe trigger functions enable all channels to sample simultaneously and synch to each digitizer. Each PXIe-9848 digitizer has built-in memory up to 512 MB for massive data storage, enabling users to extend acquisition for preset durations.

"The PXIe-9848's top-of-the-line performance makes it especially powerful in PSU (Power Supply Unit) testing applications," stated Catherine Wu, Product Director of ADLINK's Measurement and Automation Product Segment. "The PXIe-9848's high-density 100MS/s 14-Bit sampling capability can easily meet and exceed customer needs for sampling complicated QC test parameters, including rise time, overshoot, turnon delay, and many others, providing our customers with a cost- and feature-optimized digitizer solution."

The PXIe-9848 also provides extended application support, with ADLINK's proprietary WD-DASK driver for Windows, and DAQPilot SDK (software development kit). WD-DASK provides everything needed to develop API-based applications, and the DAQPilot SDK incorporates Express VI and Polymorphic VI for LabVIEW support.

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