ADLINK Technology Debuts Two Quad-Core Processors on Single ATCA Blade with Dual AMC Bays

ADLINK Technology Debuts Two Quad-Core Processors on Single ATCA Blade with Dual AMC Bays

The aTCA-6900 incorporates multi-core computing and 10GbE solutions for TEM/NEP

ADLINK Technology, Inc. (TAIEX:6166), a leading provider of trusted embedded products, today announced availability of the aTCA-6900, the first AdvancedTCA (ATCA) CPU blade in the industry featuring the latest Intel® 5100 chipset, two Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Processors and two PICMG® standard AMC bays for extreme computing performance and versatile high speed I/O expansion. With the Intel® 5100 chipset supporting up to 32GB DDR2-667 RDIMM memory, dual 10Gigabit Ethernet links enabling high speed board-to-board data transfer rates up to 20 Gps, and an optonal onboard 24-port Gigabit Ethernet switch-on-chip, the aTCA-6900 is suitable for a variety of carrier-grade applications, including wireless infrastructure as well as media servers in IPTV and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) broadband networks. The aTCA-6900 provides telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs) and network equipment providers (NEPs) with a powerful, cost-effective solution that balances multi-core computing power, high memory capacity, 10Gigabit connectivity and versatile I/O options.

ADLINK produces cutting-edge, scalable ATCA hardware at consistently reasonable prices to the market, thereby enabling TEMs and NEPs to reduce capital expenditure, operational expense and time-to-revenue. "Our years of experience designing ATCA blades has given us the insight necessary to provide a level of integration not yet seen on any ATCA blade in the market," said Jeff Munch, chief technology officer at ADLINK. "This blade incorporates multi-core processors, two AMC bays, dual 10GbE ports and onboard 24-port GbE switch within the 200W envelop to provide our customers with green, high level integration flexibility. The integration of an Ethernet switch on a CPU blade is the first in our industry and provides unparalleled flexibility in interconnecting the twenty-four on-card Ethernet ports."

In addition to multi-core computing power, ADLINK's new aTCA-6900 brings RAID 0/1/5 enabled SAS/SATA storage device support via AMC bays and rear transition module (RTM) for mission critical applications, and a Fabric Interface riser site to support different PICMG 3.x fabric options, such as PICMG 3.1 10GbE links, PICMG 3.1 FC/GbE links or PICMG 3.4 PCI-Express lanes. The two mid-size AMC bays support AMC.1 PCI-Express, AMC.2 Gigabit Ethernet and AMC.3 SATA/SAS storage for versatile IO expansion. With its comprehensive feature set, the aTCA-6900 offers high density computing power and data throughput performance, as well as providing flexible I/O and storage options.

"Although widely regarded as the leading standard for carrier grade, next generation technology, ATCA has proven too expensive and inaccessible for some industry players and for certain telecom/datacom applications," said Eric Heikkila, Director of the Embedded Hardware Systems Practice at VDC. "Companies such as ADLINK, however, are allowing TEMs and NEPs to enter the market through their high performance, low-cost ATCA hardware, like the new aTCA-6900."

"The DB-815x series of daughter boards is a cost-effective means to provide additional functionality to the rich features of our PCI-8158 and PCI-8154 motion control cards," stated Enes Yang, Product Manager at ADLINK.

The aTCA-6900 features the latest Intel® 5100/ICH9R chipset, with two 64-bit Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor L5408 or two Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor LV 5138, and up to 32GB of DDR2-667 RDIMM memory. A fabric riser card supports dual PICMG® 3.1 option 9 10GbE ports as factory default. Two PICMG® standard single-width Mid-size AdvancedMC™ bays are compliant with AMC.1 Type1/4, AMC.2 E2/Type3 and AMC.3 S2 SATA/SAS for versatile I/O expansion. Onboard storage options include 4GB soldered USB NAND flash, 2.5" SATA/SAS AMC HDD and SATA/SAS RTM HDD. The optional onboard 24-port GbE switch brings IP traffic routing options across AMC.2 ports, Base Interface channels, Fabric Interface channels, front/rear egress ports and update channels. Front panel I/O includes two RJ-45 GbE, three USB v2.0, RJ-45 serial port and DB-15 analog graphics. For more information, please go to



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