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Industry's First High Performance
Mobile Edge Computing Platform
Designed for Extreme Environments and Outdoor Telecom/Networking Applications
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2400 v2 Series
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There are a wide range of SETO-1000 MEC application possibilities.

Reducing backhaul and transmission costs by optimizing the network

  • Data caching of video content, gaming, and web content; DNS caching of peer-to-peer applications, and S1 user plane links
  • Enabling proxy services at the edge for web proxies, transparent security and VPN proxies and content filtering proxies
  • Filtering of URL web addresses for private enterprises being served by the SETO-1000
  • Data compression and IPSec at the edge to increase the data flow between the edge and the application server
  • Implementing codecs and compression techniques at the edge to provide improved video optimization for broadcasters, cable providers and video applications

Improving the user experience by enhancing application responsiveness and quality

  • Utilization of Deep Packet Inspection to provide content-aware Quality of Service by adjusting specific parameters as required by the application
  • Providing personalized advertising, coupons and merchandise offerings from business and venues in close-proximity to users. Geo-targeting of advertisements can offer improved revenue streams for both the operators and local businesses.
  • Providing additional data analytics for application providers including real-time monitoring and storage variables not impacting the backhaul

Increasing revenue as well as expand key commercial and over-the-top customer base

  • Geo-targeting services for nearby businesses, improved 911 and emergency services, and management of IoT and transportation devices. These geo-related services lessen the data streaming load and backhaul to remote servers.
  • Augmented reality services can provide an overlay of information on mobile devices to improve the user's experience in locating information and services in real-time. By being distributed at the edge, these services reduce latency and improve responsiveness for the user, as well as reducing backhaul traffic.

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