ADLINK was founded to deliver innovation, value and competitive edge to our customers, capitalizing on a rugged design pedigree and culture of creativity to develop smarter embedded technologies and platforms. Through proven embedded building blocks and Application Ready Intelligent Platforms (ARIPs), ADLINK continues to support and benefit customers with leading time-to-market capability and new applications that interconnect the world. For industrial contractors and integrators, ADLINK delivers complete dependability as a complete solution supplier of embedded products, with systems boasting robust, fault-free connectivity based on versatile high-speed I/O adaptability supporting the broad and ever-growing spectrum of industrial and machine vision applications.

Rugged Building Blocks Simplify Deployment

Reducing Risk with Pre-validated Systems

ADLINK is powered by a rare and valuable combination of in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, delivering intelligent technology ranging from industrial platform elements to fully formed, high performance systems. Performance is optimized through smart design principles such as Application Ready Intelligent Platforms (ARIPs), merging hardware and software into a single foundation layer supporting sophisticated industrial applications.

A wealth of I/O and performance options empowers unequaled flexibility and viability with innumerable deployments; reducing risk and speeding systems to market with standards-based, validated rugged performance.

ADLINK's intelligent systems are optimized for robustness, manageability and intelligence, including diagnostic and control capabilities.

Superior application-specific platforms with versatile ADLINK I/O cards Guaranteed by strict verification testing

ADLINK PCI/PCIe cards, including a full spectrum of frame grabbers, motion controllers, and data acquisition cards, fully optimize whole-system integration. As well, ADLINK's comprehensive expertise and experience empower intelligent computing platforms to meet the needs of a variety of applications.

Managing Systems with ADLINK's Smart Embedded Management Agent - SEMA

Cloud-based Remote System Monitoring and Maintenance ADLINK's proprietary Smart Embedded Management Agent (SEMA) addresses the need for maximally efficient housekeeping in systems based on complex processor and chipset deployment. At the box-level, SEMA controllers monitor BIOS, power, temperature, watchdog timer, and board information, in standalone, connected or remote systems.

ADLINK's sophisticated preventive maintenance features add significant value for industrial customers, enabling functionality advanced well beyond typical third party toolkits or utilities. Systems can monitor the most complex sequences, storing important data such as uptime and maximum temperatures, issuing alarms and requests for assistance when needed, all easily managed and monitored via cloud-based interface.

Winning Markets with Strong Partnership, Long Product Lifecycles and Predictable Roadmaps

Effective Design Partnerships Enable Product Longevity

Market leadership demands quick reactions to stay ahead of the development curve with long-term deployable solutions. Industry-specific expertise is essential in these efforts, requiring proven knowledge of rugged design principles, environmental requirements, and standards and market trends, along with trusted partnerships that advance competitive design by building on engineering knowledge and expertise.

As a Premier member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, ADLINK works closely with Intel to develop products and platforms based on the latest high performance Intel technologies and processors. ADLINK assures ideal product lifecycles and a trusted supply line based on the Intel® Embedded Platform Roadmap, providing quality, performance, optimized time-to-market and longevity for development of next-generation designs.

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