Industrial automation is a key facet of global manufacturing industries, with enterprises facing enormous pressure to automate and integrate to maximize output, improve cost-efficiency, and generate tangible competitive value. ADLINK has proven itself solving these types of industrial computing challenges, providing proven platforms to optimize operations while enabling a long-term vision of sustainable, integrated manufacturing. As industrial computing evolves to embrace enterprise-level automation, ADLINK's flexible roster of system-, platform-, and product-based solutions overcomes the extreme environmental rigors of manufacturing deployment to deliver connected, fault-free performance on the factory floor. ADLINK industrial automation products speed time-to-market with standards-based, validated systems, purpose-built for high performance environments. Capitalizing on more than 15 years of expertise with highly evolved high-value preventive maintenance features and capabilities, ADLINK intelligent platforms and I/O devices, control panels, and management tools readily meet the networking, data processing, and mission-critical performance needs essential to integrated manufacturing operations, across a wide spectrum of manufacturing industries worldwide.

ADLINK's extensive offerings of board-level, box-level, and user interface solutions provide the ultimate in performance and flexibility for complex industrial automation applications.

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