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Smart Factory based on ADLINK's EtherCAT Solution

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Challenge for Industrial Automation

An automatic manufacturing process plant may contain a large number of distributed slave systems and I/O points with different standard protocols, so deployment of time-deterministic control systems and monitoring module status is critical, to discover potential problems in a timely manner to prevent system failure, all with no increase in system hardware requirements.

Smart Factory based on ADLINK’s EtherCAT Solution

The ADLINK Solution

ADLINK EtherCAT solutions support most topologies and deliver impressive network performance, with update time for 1000 I/Os only 30μs, including I/O cycle time. The Talos master controller can support 64 axes and 10,000 I/Os in a single system and synchronize all the elements with a distributed clock in slave systems, achieving time-deterministic control with simple wiring. ADLINK’s EtherCAT solution also provides intelligent system monitoring to remotely monitor module status, including inner temperature, usage cycle of relay switching, and motion control status for general purpose motor drive control. All information can be retrieved for review via software, or displayed by dedicated indicators, allowing the status of a single module to be monitored.

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