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Commonly-used industrial-grade handheld terminals include barcode scanners and RFID readers, some with simultaneous support for QR code scanning, as well. RFID is a non-contact automatic identification system employing radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transmit data. Short-range RFID can be applied to factory automation and product sales, while long-range RFID can be used in fee collection systems and vehicle identification applications.

Compared with ordinary consumer-type cell phones and smartphones, industrial-grade handheld terminals must meet strict industrial testing standards, and can function in much harsher operating environments than consumer-type cell phones. For instance, industrial-grade handheld terminals can be clearly read in direct sunlight, and can provide loud speakers and voice solutions that meet the needs of noisy environments such as airports and construction worksites.

As a rule, industrial-grade handheld terminals are easy to carry, possess wireless transmission functions, can engage in data communication with other equipment, have built-in operating systems, possess data storage and computing capabilities, offer convenient user interfaces, and are suitable for secondary development to meet specific needs. Apart from this, handheld terminals can operate on different platforms, including Android and Windows CE.

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