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DB40 Debug Module
The DB40 Debug Card is designed for debugging of COM Express and PC/104 boards. It includes the following features: - Port 80/81 decoding for Power On Self Test (POST) via LPC - Interface to SPI Flash for BIOS update - Interface to Board Management Controller (BMC) for update - Power and Reset buttons and status LEDs The DB40 Debug card can only be used on products that have the appropriate FFC debug connector designed for this purpose. (Includes DB40 Debug Module, two 40-pin FFC cables, and 14-pin cable for SP100 DediProg USB to SPI programmer.)
BattMan: Smart Battery Management Reference Design
BattMan is a proof of concept for early prototyping and testing of battery powered systems with COM Express modules. The BattMan Starter Kit comes with a battery management module, two smart batteries, a power adapter and a USB flash drive loaded with BattMan board reference schematics and documentation.
FPTB: LVDS-to-TTL Transfer Board
The Flat Panel Transfer Board (FPTB) allows prototyping and verification of TTL flat panel displays with COM Express modules that support LVDS output only. The FPTB includes an LVDS-to-TTL converter, onboard PWM circuitry to support backlight control for LVDS and TTL displays, and has a EDID EEPROM to enable plug and play flat panel support.
FPTB: FI-CH7307: ADD2 DVI Card
The FI-CH7307 is an ADD2 DVI Card that fits into a standard PCIe x16 slot and converts SDVO signals to DVI display output.
T6-DDI: Type 6 DDI Video Adapter Card
The T6-DDI Video Adapter Card provides connector access to COM Express® Type 6 module Digital Display Interface (DDI) outputs. The T6-DDI adapter provides three output channels that can be set to either HDMI or DisplayPort independently and includes a passive DisplayPort to DVI dongle. The T6-DDI is designed for use with the ADLINK Express-BASE6 Type 6 carrier board via a PCIe x16 slot with proprietary DDI pinout
The LPC_DEBUG_2 is an LPC POST debug board equipped with POST Status LEDs. It can be easily connected to the LPC debug port on all ADLINK Computer-on-Modules to monitor BIOS POST status.
P16TO28: PCIe x16-to-two-x8 Adapter Card
The P16TO28 adapter card allows you to run two PCIe x8 add-on cards from a single PCIe x16 slot. The card plugs into a standard PCIe x16 slot and splits the signals into two separate x8 connectors (front and rear).
COM-T6T2: Type 6 to Type 2 Adapter Board
The COM-T6T2 adapter board allows COM Express Type 6 modules to be backwards compatible with Type 2 carrier boards. An onboard SATA-to-PATA converter and PCIe-to-PCI bridge provide signal conversion for the required COM Express Type 2 interfaces. The SDVO port is rerouted to correspond to the Type 2 pin definition (PCIe x16 is not supported).


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