Embedded CompactPCI® Platforms for Intelligent Railway Systems

Railway transportation markets create a diverse and complex embedded design landscape, fragmented by the very nature of global transportation venues but unified in the need for flexible, reliable, long-term performance. Characterized by extreme conditions, non- stop operation and ever-increasing processing requirements, transportation deployments must meet tremendous performance standards while also delivering ideal passenger service, comfort and safety. Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) benefit travelers and providers alike, enabling better management decisions and improving the travel experience by making safer and smarter use of rugged networked technologies. ADLINK's CompactPCI products and platforms are optimized for the development of intelligent transportation systems, meeting space and performance demands, severe environmental restrictions and specialized industry certifications that ensure performance and reliability.

EN 50155-compliant Platforms and Products Accelerate Time-to-Market

Railway transportation applications can be uniquely demanding for embedded designers, with extended deployments requiring always- on operation for up to 100,000 hours in exposed environments or under conditions of high vibration. To manage these physical extremes in harsh environments, transportation systems and platforms must conform to stringent regulatory requirements. ADLINK's CompactPCI transportation systems are EN 50155 compliant and support fault-free performance under these conditions. ADLINK's transportation products and platforms meet global transportation industry requirements for onboard train management and wayside control systems, remote video surveillance and monitoring, broadband Internet access systems and a broad range of passenger information and entertainment systems.

Configuration Example: Train Control and Communication Management System

Key Features

  • Integrated multifunction A/DIO card
  • 3U fanless system
  • China railway regulation standard compliance
  • Design for EN 50155
  • In-factory Conformal coating
  • Redundant System
  • Ultra Low Power Dual-Core Intel® Atom™ cPCI blades
  • Dual Ethernet ports with anti-drop connectors
  • Multi-function analog/digital I/O card with 8-CH isolated digital input; 16-CH relay output; 2-CH analog output; 2-CH PWM output; 2-CH counters
  • -40°C ~85°C operation temperature

*Note: Please note that this system example is not a standard product.

  Processor Blades  
  Power Supplies  

3U CompactPCI 8HP Wide Input Range Power Module for Railway Systems

PICMG® 2.11 47-pin Hot-Swap Redundant 3U CompactPCI® 8HP 250 W Power Module

PICMG® 2.11 47-Pin Hot-Swap Redundant 3U CompactPCI® 8HP 250 W Power Module

Wide temperature PICMG® 2.11 47-pin Hot-Swap Redundant 3U CompactPCI® 8HP 250 W Power Module

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