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ADLINK 6U CompactPCI® Rear Transition Modules

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6U CompactPCI Rear Transition Module with NVIDIA MXM Graphics Module
cPCI-R6500 Series 
6U CompactPCI® Rear Transition Module with MXM graphics module
cPCI-R6700 Series 
Rear Transition Module with discrete ATI Radeon™ E4690 GPU
cPCI-R6100 Series 
6U CompactPCI Rear Transition Module with Intel® Ethernet Controller I350-AM2
cPCI-R6200 Series 
4HP or 8HP rear I/O interface provides GbE, up to 5x USB, COM, DVI-I and 4x SAS.
cPCI-R6002 Series 
4HP or 8HP rear I/O interface provides GbE, USB, COM, DVI-I or VGA, Mic-in/Line-out and PMC/XMC or CF options.

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CompactPCI / Serial Solutions

Blade-to-RTM Compatibility
Series Model Slot width cPCI-6520 cPCI-6930D cPCI-6210(D) cPCI-6615(D) cPCI-6510(V) cPCI-6870 cPCI-6880(P) CT-61 CT-60
cPCI-R6002 Series cPCI-R6002 4HP
cPCI-R6002D 8HP
cPCI-R6000P 4HP
cPCI-R6000-L 4HP
cPCI-R6000D-L 8HP
cPCI-R6100 Series cPCI-R6100 4HP
cPCI-R6110 4HP
cPCI-R6101 4HP
cPCI-R6111 4HP
cPCI-R6200 Series cPCI-R6200 8HP
cPCI-R6220 4HP
cPCI-R6210 4HP
cPCI-R6700 Series cPCI-R6700 8HP
cPCI-R6700D 8HP
cPCI-R6500 Series cPCI-R6500DA 8HP

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