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Image Acquisition Tools for ADLINK Frame Grabbers

ADLINK's powerful application tools, ViewCreatorPro™ and CamCreator™, provide simple and effective setup, configuration, testing, and debugging for vision systems. These utilities assist developers in evaluating initial test functions with ADLINK frame grabbers. Both ViewCreatorPro™ and CamCreator™ support 32/64-bit Windows® 7/XP operating systems. In addition, CamCreator™ provides continuous grab, pixel values, zoom in/out and console functionality to expedite a Camera Link installation.

  • Display, open and save image files from various cameras
  • A simple tool for trouble shooting or configuration test
  • Direct access of general purpose I/Os
  • Creation and modification of camera files (CamCreator™ only)
  • Instantaneous modification of camera parameters
  • (CamCreator™ only)

Software support for ADLINK frame grabbers/video capture cards

Products OS Information Software Compatibility Software Recommendations
ViewCreatorPro™ CamCreator™
PCIe-GIE64+ v
PCIe-GIE62+ v
PCIe-FIW64 v
PCIe-FIW62 v
PCIe-CPL64 v v
PCIe-HDV62 v v v
PCIe-HDV62A v v v
PXIe-HDV62A v v v
PCIe-RTV24/PCI-RTV24 v v v v
cRTV-24/44 v v v v

(1) Windows Support for Windows® 8/7/XP x64/x86
(2) Linux Support for Ubuntu 11.0 &12.04 and Fedora Core 3
(3) Compatible with LabVIEW™ 2009 and above


  • Full product line support, including analog, GigE Vision, IEEE 1394b, Camera Link, HDMI, and 3G-SDI
  • Compatible with most popular cameras and software
  • Carefully selected embedded components ensure long term availability
  • Highly integrated with ADLINK I/O cards and embedded computing platforms

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