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Transportation markets create a diverse and complex embedded design landscape, fragmented by the very nature of global transportation venues but unified in the need for flexible, reliable, long-term performance. Characterized by extreme conditions, non-stop operation and ever-increasing processing requirements, transportation deployments must manage tremendous performance standards while also delivering ideal passenger service, comfort and safety. Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) benefit travelers and providers alike, enabling better management decisions and improving the travel experience by making safer and smarter use of rugged networked technologies. ADLINK's rugged transportation products and platforms are optimized for the development of intelligent transportation systems, meeting space and performance demands, severe environmental restrictions and specialized industry certifications that ensure performance and reliability. With more than 25 years of Rugged by Design expertise, ADLINK enables safe, secure and connected travel – solving complex issues in high performance data processing, mobile connectivity and networked communications in the extreme rigors of transportation environments.

Coupled with in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, ADLINK's rugged transportation design expertise spans the broad spectrum of rugged, high performance systems ideal for modern transportation venues. Customers have a competitive advantage with ready access to a range of industry-certified application ready platforms, as well as the elements to develop their own. Through proven embedded building blocks and Application Ready Intelligent Platforms (ARIPs), ADLINK continues to support and distinguish customers with fast time-to-market and new applications that enable safe, secure and connected travel.

For developers of intelligent transportation systems, ADLINK is your complete supplier of Rugged by Design products, including systems that provide robust, fault-free connectivity, as well as the wide, high-speed I/O required to support the broad and growing spectrum of transportation systems and applications. Development time is reduced, and system manufacturers can focus on their core competencies in creating competitive, high performance transportation management and control applications.


go   Rugged by Design Platforms Fuel Transportation Markets
go   Application Ready Intelligent Platforms Reduce Design Risk
go   Certified Platforms and Products Accelerate Time-to-Market
go   Extending Deployments with Planned Product Lifecycles and Predictable Roadmaps
go   Flexible, Robust Platforms Enhance ITS Development

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