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Outdoor Unmanned Traffic Monitoring System

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Application: E-Police Deployment

Remote observation and identification of traffic infractions in urban settings has become standard procedure in the last decade. As technologies evolve, challenges in such solutions increase commensurately.

The system must integrate diversified functionality. Activity must be accurately monitored and desired event capture accomplished efficiently. The internal application then performs further analysis to determine if a violation has occurred. Finally, the pertinent media-based record must be remitted to a control center. Critical requirements thus comprise powerful computing performance and rich data transmission capabilities.

Additionally, however, the systems are primarily deployed in environments with little or no protection from exposure to the elements and pollutants, factors which must be prevented from impairing system results. Finally, since limited physical access to system components is common to deployment locations, remote maintenance and management are essential to system administrators.

The initial goal of UGV systems was to equip off-road vehicles with computer-controlled unmanned operability, including integrated remote control systems; on-road and off-road navigation; detection capability; and route planning algorithms, all in addition to standard mobility.

ADLINK Solution: MXE-5300: Powerful 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor-based Fanless Embedded Computer

ADLINK's MXE-5300 Intel® Core™ i7 processor-based fanless embedded computer with superior wireless accessibility is ideally suited to the needs of the system. In addition, a rich I/O interface easily connects to co-functional system elements, such as cameras over GbE and traffic signal controls through DIO or COM ports.

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