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The Intelligent Unmanned Ground Vehicles

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Application: In-vehicle Surveillance

Intelligent Unmanned Ground Vehicle systems consist of vehicles functioning with no human operator onboard. The unmanned vehicles can be remotely controlled or guided, or autonomous vehicles capable of self-navigation based on detected environmental factors.

The systems are valuable in many scenarios in which it may be dangerous, inconvenient, or impractical to have a human operator present. Vehicles are outfitted with sensors to detect environmental conditions, and either autonomously operate in response, or feed gathered information back to a central or remote operator who then applies vehicle control accordingly through a command transmission system.

The initial goal of UGV systems was to equip off-road vehicles with computer-controlled unmanned operability, including integrated remote control systems; on-road and off-road navigation; detection capability; and route planning algorithms, all in addition to standard mobility.

ADLINK Solution: MXC-6000 Series Powerful Intel® Core™ i7 Processor-based Fanless Expandable Embedded Computer with PCI/PCIe Slots

ADLINK's high performance MXC-6000 fanless computer proves to be the ideal platform for these in-vehicle systems. With a wide range of input power options and built-in resilience, the MXC-6000 more than fulfils the application's specific requirements. PCI/PCIe expansion slots allow installation of a variety of PCI, PCIe add-on cards and a rich I/O front panel connectivity supports UGV needs to accommodate vision card, camera, navigation node, vehicle control node via GbE Ethernet ports, COM ports, and USB ports.

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