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As server virtualization and cloud computing becomes the mainstream, Software Defined Networking (SDN) was developed to simplify traditional network architectures. SDN accomplishes this by separating black-box switches or routers into a centralized controller (a.k.a., OpenFlow controller) and a switch plane, known as an OpenFlow switch or server node. Based on Intel® QuickAssist Technology and Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (Intel DPDK) based Open vSwitch enablement, the ADLINK DPDK Toolkit allows ADLINK hardware platforms to be deployed as SDN controllers and server nodes, improving encryption/decryption computing performance and networking I/O throughput for SDN solutions.


  • Up to 20Gbps SSL performance to accelerate encryption OpenFlow channels between controller and switch/server nodes
  • 10 times I/O performance boosting over native Open vSwitch and Linux
  • Unlimited software flow table size; easy and flexible management
  • Linear flow-based switching performance at above 256-byte frames
  • Optimized HW acceleration flow classification for higher performance flow searching and lower CPU resource usage
  • Dynamic flow addition/deletion by integrating with 3rd OpenFlow controller; e.g. POX, floodlight ...
  • Friendly GUI/SNMP APIs to monitor port traffic and flow statistics more easily
  • Components


  • SDN Controller for accelerating encryption OpenFlow channels
    • Value: ATCA-6250 with dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2658/2648L (8-core), one optional Intel® Communications Chipset 8920 module and up to four 10G I/O ports
    • Performance: ATCA-9700 with dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v2 (10-core), dual optional Intel® Communications Chipset 8920 modules, and up to four 40G I/O ports;
  • SDN Server Node to provide VMDq/SR-IOV virtualization
    • Value: ATCA-6150 series with dual Intel® Xeon® L5518/L5638 (6-core), max. 96GB memory and dual 10G I/O ports
    • Performance: ATCA-6250 with dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2658/2648L (8-core), max. 128G memory and four 10G I/O ports
  • Software

  • ADLINK DPDK Toolkit with SDN module to support DPDK based Open vSwitch
  • Validated KVM/VMware hypervisors, certified VMware Ready
  • QuickAssist Technology driver/APIs for Linux and DPDK
  • Embedded Power Management Agent for power savings
  • Hardware Failure Prediction for more robust service
  • IPMI/HPI based system management for smart management
  • Friendly GUI for easy management of flow statistics

  • ADLINK Open Flow Application-Ready Platform


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