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Innovation of COM Express Type 7

The new COM.0 Type 7 - Supports up to 16-core Server Grade Processors

ADLINK's first COM Express Type 7 product, the Express-BD7, is based on the Intel® Xeon® processor D, available in 4, 8, 12, and 16-core versions for scalable computing performance. The Express-BD7 is suitable for space-constrained systems with increased density and reduced power consumption such as virtualization, edge computing or other numerical applications.

Bringing 10GbE to COM Express

One of the most fundamental innovations of the COM Express Type 7 pinout is the support of up to four 10GbE interfaces, essential for the next generation of edge node appliances. On the module they are implemented as 10GbE-KR, i.e. as single backplane lanes according to IEEE 802.3, paragraph 49. The physical implementation of the 10GbE interfaces takes place on the carrier board itself. Developers can define the signal transmission as optical (SFP+), copper cable (T). This provides flexibility for new designs.

To a large degree, the Type 7 pinout follows that of Type 6. To create the capacity for up to four 10GbE interfaces, the signal lines of the Digital Display Interfaces (DDI) on the CD connector of the Type 6 pinout are used.


Example: 4x 10GBASE-KR though Fiber PHY/ Copper PHY to SFP+/RJ45


1U with up to 10 modules

COM Express modules enable a high packing density: 10 modules can be integrated in a 1U enclosure, providing a maximum combined data transfer rate of 0.4 terabits per second. The modular COM Express design makes this type of solution highly flexible and scalable, minimizes development costs and shortens time-to-market. OEMs also gain more design security and can use their designs for longer, thereby additionally increasing their return on investment.

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ADLINK First Type 7 module
COM Express Basic Type 7 Module
with up to 16-cores Intel Xeon D
Family SoC Processors

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Innovation of COM Express

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