Simplified Recordkeeping Results in Improved Therapy

Simplified Recordkeeping Results in Improved TherapyA large proportion of the patients treated at the Asklepios Schlossberg Clinic are intensive care patients. To track the medical treatment and nursing support which is carried out, an immense amount of documentation is produced. Now, this procedure has been simplified thanks to the introduction of the electronic patient medical record and 30 PENTA ADLINK medical PCs, which enable the collection of all relevant data directly at the patients' bedside. By employing this new time-saving method of documentation, the medical staff can devote more time to patient therapy.

ICU Bedside PC for Increased Efficiency

This efficiency increase wasn't achieved merely by unified data storage in electronic form. Data collection had to be optimized too, by allowing it to take place where the data is generated: at the patient's bedside. Medical PCs which are used as Patient Data Management Systems (PDMS) are particularly suited for bedside PCs in intensive care. Staff can input data directly into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and vital data can be automatically read and stored from connected medical devices. The project team at the Asklepios Schlossberg Clinic identified PENTA ADLINK ADLINK's Medical–i7 PC as being an ideal PDMS for use as an intensive care bedside PC. PENTA ADLINK is an experienced manufacturer of completely sealed computer systems for deployment in operating theaters, intensive care departments, laboratories and clean rooms.

PENTA ADLINK Medical-i7: Fastest System Available

The Medical-i7 is extremely power ful thanks to its high performance Intel® Core™ i7 multi-core processor and up to 8GB of RAM. This speed is crucial as lengthy patients stays result in a high volume of data in patient files. Thanks to the powerful hardware featured in PENTA ADLINK medical PCs, all data in patient files can be accessed without delay. "Watching the infamous 'egg timer' on the screen and waiting for data to load really should never occur during the medical staff's daily business. That would give cause to judge the electronic documentation system negatively – and this is something we, of course, want to avoid." explains Marius Appel, the project manager who played a significant role in the introduction of the EMR system.

Very User-Friendly

A further reason why the new PENTA ADLINK medical PCs were seamlessly accepted into the clinic's daily business was the high level of user-friendliness. The readability of the 21.5 inch display in 16:9 format with extremely clear Full HD resolution was a further bonus. The operator has an overview of all the relevant data at a glance without having to scroll through menu lists.

Hygienic System Design

Besides the ease of use, an additional important criterion plays a major role when choosing a medical PC: the hygienic design of the system. The reason for this is that in the ICU many patients suffer from weakened immune systems. "The fully sealed, robust metal case of the PENTA ADLINK medical PC fully meets the hygienic requirements of the medical environment," comments Marius Appel.

Products in Use

Medical-i5/i7 18/21
Medical-i5/i7 18/21

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