Rugged Panel PCs Increase Production Efficiency for Toy Manufacturer

Rugged Panel PCs Increase Production Efficiency for Toy ManufacturerGeobra Brandstätter GmbH & Co. KG is the manufacturer of the world renowned Playmobil figures. To keep pace with modernization trends in shopfloor technologies, PENTA ADLINK Giant Series panel PCs are used at the Playmobil plant. These new shopfloor terminals are highly coveted thanks to their intuitive, easy-to-use operating interface, offering full functionality even for operators wearing gloves. Moreover, the exceptional durability and long-life designs of PENTA ADLINK products make them ideal for today's manufacturing applications.

Meeting Geobra's Specific Requirements

PENTA ADLINK's Giant Series of Panel PCs have an ingress rating of IP65 which makes them well suited for use in heavy-duty industrial environment in the Playmobil plant. Utilizing a 1.8 GHz dual-core Intel® Atom processor D525, the Giant C17 fully meets Geobra's performance and precision requirements. The 17-inch device is equipped with a completely enclosed and durable metal casing IP65 rating, including connectors and cable passageways. A further failure factor is eliminated by not using rotating hard disks. Instead, the PENTA ADLINK Giant C17 is equipped with heavy-duty compact flash storage media. Moreover, the panel PC is fanless and has no vent holes: PENTA ADLINK utilizes a passive cooling concept which emits the generated heat from the system to the outside via the enclosure. System durability is expressed in the "Mean Time Between Failure” (MTBF) of the systems, that is, the period of time that a system can be operated without maintenance. The MTBF of the Giants is more than 50,000 hours. Thus, they are able to work in an uninterrupted manner for at least five years and without any failure, even when continuously operated.

Quick Installation and Connection

The PENTA ADLINK Giant panel PCs can be mounted in a flexible and convenient way in any location thanks to a VESA-compatible mounting system. Reading devices for Legic and Mifare transponders can be connected quickly using the IO interfaces designed for industrial use. The Giant C17 features 2x- Gigabit Ethernet, 4x USB 2.0, 5x serial interfaces as well as a Mini PCle socket, PCIe x1 slot and additional PCl slot for further expansion. WLAN cards for wireless communication can be integrated in advance upon request.

"High availability IT on the shopfloor is indispensable for a smooth production," stated Geobra's Rafael Kaczmarczyk. "PENTA ADLINK's Giants are helping us to ensure the best possible availability. The design offers high value, durability, and the trusted quality embodied by the ‘Made in Germany' seal. Moreover, the systems can be operated in an intuitive way even when wearing different types of gloves. Updating projects can be easily executed as well. This is not only because the systems are available over a long period of time. PENTA ADLINK also offers outstanding on-site service." Geobra has plans to expand its production facilities and intends to make use of more PENTA ADLINK devices within the foreseeable future.

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