PENTA ADLINK Medical and Industrial Panel PCs

Since its establishment in 1994, PENTA GmbH has provided complete modularized solutions for the industrial and medical sectors. As an innovative systems hardware provider, PENTA-ADLINK offers "Engineered in Germany" solutions that are optimized for applications in the Medical, Industrial Automation and Logistics fields. Abundant hardware product development experience combined with innovative engineering capabilities allows us to offer products with the highest quality and reliability standards that are engineered to meet industry-specific requirements and certifications such as IEC-60601-1 and IP69K. Our high-grade modularized designs also provide easy configuration and flexibility to adapt to market specific needs.

PENTA GmbH's client portfolio includes demanding and discerning companies such as Schiller AG, GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Rolls-Royce Germany, Daimler Chrysler, MAN, Gardner Denver Wittig, F.X. Meiller Kipper, and Volkswagen.

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