Optimizing Patient Care Experience-at Hannover Medical School

Simplified Recordkeeping Results in Improved TherapyAround 100 Puchheimer PENTA ADLINK GmbH medical PCs are supporting anesthetists in their work in operations performed at the Hannover Medical School (MHH), one of the largest hospitals in Germany and one of the world's leading centers for transplant medicine. They are being used there in the anesthetists' workplace as the basic hardware for documentation and for the patient data management system (PDMS). Electronic documentation using ergonomic touchscreen input eases the workload of the medical staff and makes the workflow both more efficient and more reliable.

Simplified and Comprehensive Documentation

100 PENTA ADLINK GmbH medical PCs are installed in anesthetists' workplaces for the anesthetic documentation system. Maximilian Weber, who is responsible for the MHH IT Department's selection of PENTA ADLINK medical PCs confirms the positive effects that have been achieved: "Since the medical PC systems have been installed at MHH, process reliability and efficiency has markedly improved," said Weber.

Since the introduction of medical PCs, anesthetic reporting has been prepared and carried out entirely electronically. All relevant patient data and processing stages such as medication and batch recording at blood banks is now recorded at the touchscreen-supported input stations and filed in the PDMS data bank. During the filing process, the validity of the data is automatically checked by the software which increases data integrity and patient security. Data from vital monitors and ventilation equipment is also automatically recorded by the PENTA ADLINK medical PCs.

Intuitive Operation via Touchscreen

PENTA ADLINK' medical PCs with resistive touchscreens enable reliable operation with gloves, which is a particularly relevant factor in patient-related applications and above all during operations. Additionally, these touchscreens are also easily operated with non-conductive objects such as retracted ballpoint pens. In practical terms, this is a feasible alternative when using soiled gloves or for inputs requiring special precision, as happens when working in the PDMS with reduced row spacing.

Hygienic System Design

PENTA ADLINK medical PCs have a fully enclosed, smooth casing without seams and has no collection points for dirt and dust. The IP65 rating guarantees against the ingress of liquids into the housing, protecting the electronic parts of the equipment against possible damage during the cleaning process. This system design makes the cleaning of PENTA ADLINK medical PC's not only thorough and effective, but also hygienic. This is a critical factor in medical equipment design as lack of hygiene is one of the most common causes for post-operative complications.

OR Suitable

PENTA ADLINK medical PCs that are certified under DIN EN60601-1 or EN60601-1-2 have galvanically separated serial interfaces and network cards. This prevents dangerous leakage currents that can drain off onto patients or cause damage to the hardware.

Passing the Surgical Endurance Test

PENTA ADLINK medical PCs are designed for a mean time between failures (MTBF) of around 50,000 hours and thus easily meet the requirements for a surgical environment. The high reliability of the PENTA ADLINK medical PC is due to the decision to dispense with vulnerable components such as rotating hard disks or active fans. In their place, PENTA ADLINK exclusively installs reliable HDD and solid-state storage media and utilizes a fully enclosed and highly durable aluminium casing with a passive cooling concept.

Green IT Advantage

PENTA ADLINK's medical PCs are green products based on a holistic, sustainable environmental concept which not only takes the energy consumption into consideration, but also environmentally-friendly manufacturing, disposal and maintenance. With the germ- and dust-free enclosure and fanless and quiet operation, PENTA ADLINK green PCs additionally reduce negative impacts on their immediate surroundings.

Products in Use

Medical-i5/i7 18/21
Medical-i5/i7 18/21

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