Meat Packing Plant Enhanced with IP69K Panel PC

Meat Packing Plant Enhanced with IP69K Panel PCAt Ulmer Fleisch, panel PCs have to fulfill a challenging role, as they need to operate properly around-the-clock. The company motto is focusing on the highest quality standards, "South German Quality - Reliably Good", thus ensuring the continued trust of major clients in the food retail sector, local butchers and meat processing companies at home and abroad.

Securely protected interfaces

PENTA ADLINK's Food IP69K Panel PCs are used throughout the Ulmer Fleisch production facility. All interfaces of these panel PCs (USB, Ethernet, and serial interfaces) face downwards, are IP69 rated and feature firmly integrated screw connectors uniquely matched to each cable. These connectors are extremely robust and can be rapidly attached thanks to the innovative locking mechanism.

Nick Gutsmann of the IT team comments, "In this way, cleaning teams can start working without lengthy instructions and also use efficient high pressure or steam cleaning without running the risk of damaging the PC systems due to improper cleaning. Should there be any malfunction, a PENTA ADLINK PC can be replaced in less than 5 minutes by just one employee, thanks to the light weight of the PC and the screw connectors that cannot be mixed up during replacement.”

Resistive touch display

"Particularly convincing for me was the installation of the resistive touch display at such a high level of protection and high detergent resistance," says IT administrator Paul Madzia. Capacitive glass touchscreens cannot be used in the food industry for several reasons: In humid environments, liquid production residues and condensation can accumulate on the display. While resistive touchscreens can operate without problems even under these conditions, the usability of capacitive touchscreens would be severely limited. In addition, resistive touch panels can be operated even while wearing gloves, which isn't the case with capacitive displays. Finally, a glass display is something of a taboo for the food industry: Should a glass display break, an entire batch of product can no longer be sold due to the possibility of glass fragment contamination." In this respect, the use of an IP69K protected resistive touch display is currently the best solution for the food industry."

High MTBF saves costs

The IT team takes the manufacturer's specified Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) as the relevant measure of availability of the new systems. Panel PCs from PENTA ADLINK offer an MTBF of over 50,000 hours. Team member Joel Andrade says: "This means that even under continuous operation, the PCs will work continuously and stay maintenance free for at least 5 years in spite of the adverse environmental conditions that prevail in the industrial environment." Quality is simply crucial.

Products in Use

Food-B15/B17/B19 IP69K
Food-B15/B17/B19 IP69K

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