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Maximize Density and Throughput Performance with ADLINK's NEW 18-Slot PXI Express Chassis
Modular Instruments Optimized for Automated Test Systems


See how ADLINK optimizes configuration of systems supporting high-bandwidth data streaming applications.
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PXI/PXIe is an ideal deployment platform for measurement and automated test systems, environments in which reliability is critical... Learn more  go

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Wondering which PXI is right for you? Use our features list to find one that fits your needs.
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Explore PXI Express

For an introduction to the advanced features of PXI Express and hybrid slots.
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PXI/PXIe Chassis

PXI/PXIe Controller

Available for 3U/6U 6-19 slot chassis, bench-top, integrated and portable chassis
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PXI/PXIe Controller

PXI/PXIe Controller

Check out our Next-Generation PXI Controllers, featuring the Intel® latest processors
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PXI Instrument & Module

PXI/PXIe Controller

Easily integrate required functionalities with ADLINK's PXI instruments and modules, including digitizers, data acquisition, DSA modules, switches, and HDMI A/V capture cards.   More  go

PXI systems alliance

As a sponsor member of the PXI System Alliance, ADLINK offers a wide selection of PXI chassis, PXI controllers, data acquisition modules, PCI-PXI and PXI-PXI extension products, and GPIB connectivity - with more products on the horizon to provide open hardware and software support for our customers.