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High-Performance DAQ

Multi-Function DAQ
8-CH 16-Bit 250 kS/s    go PXI-2020
16-CH 16-Bit 250 kS/s    go PXI-2022
4-CH 14-Bit 2 MS/s    go PXI-2010
4-CH 16-Bit 500 kS/s    go PXI-2005
4-CH 16-Bit 250 kS/s    go PXI-2006
Multi-Function DAQ
64-CH 12-Bit 3 MS/s    go PXI-2204
64-CH 16-Bit 500 kS/s    go PXI-2205
64-CH 16-Bit 250 kS/s    go PXI-2206
96-CH 12-bit 3 MS/s High-Density Analog Input    go PXI-2208
Analog Output
Multi-Function DAQ
4-CH 12-Bit 1 MS/s    go PXI-2501
8-CH 12-Bit 1 MS/s    go PXI-2502

General-Purpose DAQ

64-CH 16-Bit 250kS/s    go cPCI-9116 Series
16-CH 16-Bit Voltage Output    go cPCI-6216
8-CH 16-Bit Voltage & Current Output    go cPCI-6208

Digital Input/Output

High-Speed DIO
80 MB/s High-Speed 32-CH DIO    go cPCI-7300
Isolated DIO
32-CH Isolated DI & 32-CH Isolated DO    go cPCI-7432
64-CH Isolated DI    go cPCI-7433
64-CH Isolated DO    go cPCI-7434
Relay Output & Isolated DI
8-CH Relay Output & 16-CH Isolated DI    go cPCI-7252
48-CH Opto-22 Compatible    go cPCI-7248


12-CH 16-Bit Timer/Counter & Digital I/O    go cPCI-8554/R

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Product Service

Upgrading existing ADLINK PXI modules to hybrid slot-compatibility?
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Case Studies

Watch a Flash demonstration to see how the high-resolution digitizer is ideal for Distributed Temperature Sensing applications. Learn more  go

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As a sponsor member of the PXI System Alliance, ADLINK offers a wide selection of PXI chassis, PXI controllers, data acquisition modules, PCI-PXI and PXI-PXI extension products, and GPIB connectivity - with more products on the horizon to provide open hardware and software support for our customers.

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