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96/48/24-CH Opto-22 Compatible Digital I/O PCI Cards

  • Supports a 32-bit 5 V PCI bus
  • 24/48/96-CH digital TTL/DTL inputs/outputs
  • Emulates 4/2/1 industry standard 8255 PPI (mode 0)
  • Support Windows 7/8 X64/X86 and Windows 2008 R2
  • Output port status read back
  • On board 8254 timer/counter chip
  • Programmable interrupt source
  • 12V and 5V power supply to OPTO-22 (Direct interface with OPTO-22)
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ADLINK"s PCI-7296/7248/7224 are high-density parallel digital I/O boards with 96/48/24 I/O channels. The header connectors are fully compatible with industry Opto-22 standard. Thus, PCI-7296/48/24 can utilize the Opto-22 external devices. The PCI-7296/7248/7224 devices emulate mode 0 of the industry standard 8255 programmable peripheral interface (PPI) chips. The PCI-7296/7248/7224 provides 4/2/1 PPI chips respectively. Each PPI offers three 8-bit ports: Port A, Port B and Port C. The Port C is divided into 2 nibble-wide (4-bit) ports. The PCI-7296/7248/7224 devices have programmable timer/counters. One 16-bit counter is available for event counting, while the other 32-bit timer is available for timed interrupt generation. The PCI-7296/7248/7224 devices provide multiple programmable interrupt sources from DIO channels, as well as the output of the timer.

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