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ADLINK-PCI-8253/8256-Motion Control-Analog Type

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DSP-based 3/6-axis Analog Motion Controllers

The PCI-8253/8256 is scheduled for discontinuation as of Oct 04, 2014, with no recommended replacement for this product.

  • On-board 250 MHz DSP
  • Built-in PID with feed-forward gain closed-loop control algorithm - reducing the following error
  • Available with 3/6 encoders - providing up to 6 axes
  • 3/6 axes of ±10 volts analog command for controlling servo
  • Maximum servo update rate is less than 50μs per axis
  • Free MotionCreatorPro 2™ software for system setup
  • Firmware support function: Jogging, Contouring, E-gear (Electronic gear) and ECAM (Electronic CAM)
  • Firmware support function: Gantry mode, MPG (Manual Pulse Generator)
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DSP-based Analog Motion Controllers
The PCI-8253/PCI-8256 controllers combine a 250 MHz 32-bit MIPS processor, 12,000 logic element FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), I/O buffering circuitry, ADLINK softmotion, and motion control characterization software to control the position/velocity of as many as six ¡Ó10 V analog command servo axes.

ADLINK Softmotion
PCI-8253/PCI-8256 leverages ADLINK softmotion technology, 250 MHz DSP and 20 MHz encoder rate to meet faster servo update rate up to 50 £gs/axis and control requirement in real application. PCI-8253/PCI-8256 not only realizes the gantry control with closed-loop and error handling, but also adopts the feed-forward gain to reduce speed profile following error to meet precise velocity and position control.

Video DEMO

ADLINK PCI-8253/8256 DSP-based 3/6-axis Analog Motion Controllers

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