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Distributed Single-axis Motion Control Modules for Mitsubishi, Yaskawa and Panasonic

  • No command frequency limitation
  • Available for Mitsubishi J3A, Panasonic MINAS A4, and Yaskawa Sigma II, III, V
  • Up to 64 axes, serially connected
  • No need for terminal boards- reduces space
  • The scanning cycle time up to 0.97 ms at 20 Mbps when 64 axes are connected
  • Point-to-point application can be easily completed with multiple single-axis modules
  • Support linear/s-curve acceleration and deceleration
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ADLINK's Motionnet products provide system integrators with a simple configuration and reduced wiring method for a cost-effective solution for motion applications utilizing multiple single axes. With this new concept of direct plug-in modules, the amount of space used and the amount of wiring required is greatly reduced from traditional terminal board connections.

After the module is plugged into the servo driver, all that is needed is a LAN cable to make the serial connection between the modules. Different servo drivers can be lined up on the Motionnet bus, making motion control configuration much simpler than PCI board solutions. The Motionnet bus can support up to 64 single-axis modules. Each module can execute continuous operations at constant speed, perform linear acceleration/deceleration, perform S-curve acceleration/deceleration, carry out preset positioning operations, and zero return operations. Data transfer for each node is time-deterministic (15.1 µs at 20 Mbps). The fastest cyclic time is up to 0.97 ms with 64 modules connected. As the fewer the number of devices connected, the proportionally greater the data transfer speed increases.

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