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Distributed 4-axis Motion Control Modules (with High-Speed Trigger Function)

  • Up to 256 axes on a single Motionnnet network
  • Transmission speed selectable: 2.5/5/10/20 Mbps
  • Maximum wiring distance up to 100 meters
  • 4-axis pulse train output channels; frequency up to 9.9 MHz
  • Encoder frequency up to 20 MHz under 4xAB feedback mode
  • 26 homing modes which includes 13 auto-homing modes
  • Pulse output mode: OUT/DIR, CW/CCW, AB phase
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The MNET-4XMO is a 4-axis motion controller module for Motionnet distributed motion systems. It can generate fast frequency pulses (9.9 MHz) to drive stepper or servomotors in the machine automation field. As a motion controller, it can provide comprehensive motion functions which include 2 axis circular interpolation, 2-4 axis linear interpolation, or continuous interpolation for continual velocity and so on. Also, changing position/speed on the fly is available with a single axis operation.

In addition to the motion functions offered, ADLINK offers another model (the MNET-4XMO-C) that comes equipped with the real-time position comparison and trigger pulse output function to easy integrate into Automated Optical Inspection application system. Up to 100 KHz trigger output frequency and easy trigger the most frame grabber or CCD to realize the line scan application. The path move function features the continuous moving with constant velocity. By using the path moving function, you can save the host PC resource with path auto-reload function and is able to guarantee the time-deterministic, continuous and smooth in whole motion progression.

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