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ADLINK PAC Solution Supporting IEC61131-3 with Motion Control

The PACwiz is scheduled for discontinuation as of Sep 10, 2014, with no recommended replacement for this product.

  • Compatible with IEC 61131-3 syntax, including five commonly-used PLC syntaxes
  • Built-in visualization editor allows use of standard VGA monitor
  • Real-time capability allows set up of tasks to within a 1 ms cycle time
  • Built-in ADLINK motion function blocks
  • Support of distributed I/O and motion modules
  • Native CPU code and independent core from Windows faster performance than the competition
  • Rugged fanless and cable-less design
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PACwiz, ADLINK"s PAC solution for IEC 61131-3 applications with motion control, enables you to access ADLINK products via PLC-like languages. The concept of PACwiz is composed of two parts: PACwiz Platform and PACwiz IDE. You can develop IEC 61131-3 applications in PACwiz IDE just like you are developing applications with traditional PLCs. These applications are then downloaded to your PACwiz Platform.

PACwiz Platform is a platform providing integrated field bus, motion control and vision analysis functions. Up to 2016 DI/Os and 64 servo axes, or 558 AI/O points and 64 servo axes can be controlled by a single platform. PACwiz Platform includes both the features of a PC, such as high-performance computing power, mass storage devices, and built-in network connectivity, and the features of a PLC, such as compact and robust design, real-time scan behavior and intuitive graphical programming. PACwiz Platform can connect to common LCD touch panels monitors for its display and operation interface, and thus no specialized industrial HMI is required. You can choose from developing your own control programs in an IDE supporting the Windows XP series of operating systems or editing the HMI screen in the PLC project before downloading to PACwiz Platform.

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