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Master-Slave Distributed Motion & I/O Master Controller

  • Connect I/O points up to 2,016 points
  • Connect motion axis up to 256 axes
  • Programmable timer interrupt
  • RJ-45 jack for easy installation
  • Software selectable transmission speed: 3 / 6 / 12 Mbps for HSL
  • Software selectable transmission speed: 2.5 / 5 / 10 / 20 Mbps for Motionnet
  • Non-volatility RAM onboard
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The PCI-7856 is a PCI interface card which offers two ports for Motionnet and HSL systems for distributed motion and I/O in machine automation applications.

HSL technology allows thousands of I/O points to be scanned at the millisecond-level in real time by using mater-slave architecture. Commercial Ethernet cables with RJ45 connector are used for simplified setup of the HSL slaves modules as close as possible to sensor devices which results in a dramatic reduction of wiring. System integrators can benefit from HSL network because it integrates discrete I/O and analog I/O modules. This local network features rapid response, real-time scanning.

A Motionnet system (referred to as "MNET") is a distributed motion solution for machine systems. MNET is an innovative distributed motion technology which provides distributed motion axis control of up to 256 axes for any servo / stepper motor controlled using mater-slave architecture. This not only provides general purpose 4-axes motion control, but also allows specific 64 of single axis motion control module to be scanned in millisecond-level in real time.

Motionnet and HSL features:
*Flexible, comprehensive, extendable distributed motion and I/O solution based on PC architecture or embedded platform
*Convenient wiring for remote distributed motion & I/O modules, including multiple-axes motion control module, single axis motion control module, discrete I/Os and analog I/Os
*Space saving, reduced wiring and easier maintenance for cost saving
*Time-deterministic, fast scanning with hundreds of discrete I/O points (up to 2,016 points)
*Real-time and fast scanning to realize high-speed and highresponse motion control up to 256 axes support.

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