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Advanced 8-axis Servo & Stepper Motion Controller with Modular Design

The PCI-8158 is scheduled for discontinuation as of Mar 09, 2017, and has been replaced by   PCIe-8158Details

  • 3 axes helical interpolation
  • Pulse output options: OUT/DIR, CW/CCW
  • Pulse output rate up to 6.55 Mpps
  • 2 to 4 axes linear interpolation
  • 2 axes circular interpolation
  • Hardware emergency input
  • Position/Speed change on-the-fly
  • Support manual pulse generator (MPG)
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The PCI-8158 delivers high-frequency pulse rates of up to 6.55 MHz and features hardware-controlled emergency input stop, software security protection to avoid plagiarism, card index switch, and linear/circular run at the same time for that exceed the industry"s cost over performance requirements. Compatible with Mitsubishi, Panasonic and Yaskawa servos and steppers, the PCI-8158 allows complex moving patterns through multiple axes that move with linear and circular interpolations using continuous contouring. Applicable for various linear-wise and circular-wise trajectories, the PCI-8158 delivers the smoothest motion control for a wide-range of manufacturing applications. Besides, PCI-8158 design is modularized. ADLINK provides extension board for distributed I/O control, high-speed triggering and ECAM control.

Note: Since ADLINK will not release any future MotionCreator updates, only Windows XP and no later OS is supported

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