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PCI-to-PCI Expansion System

  • Provides 13 extended PCI slots
  • Full 32-bit/33MHz PCI bandwidth extension (132MB/s)
  • Maximum 10m expansion distance
  • Complete hardware and software transparency
  • Compliant with PCI local bus specification rev 2.2
  • Compliant with PCI bridge architecture specification rev 1.2
  • 24-pin DVI-D connector for robust connectivity
  • 19 rack-mount chassis with built-in 400W power
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The PCIS-8580-13S can expand 13 additional 5V PCI slots to your computer through a cable connection. It promotes superior expandability as it supports I/O, image capture, data acquisition, and motion control cards with full 132 MB/s PCI bandwidth. The PCIS-8580-13S utilizes the state-of-art ??serialized bridge??technology to expand the PCI bus. PCI bus signals are serialized and transmit in 4-paris, 622Mbps LVDS signals with automatic error detection/correction for signal integrity. Supporting standard PCI bridge functionality, PCI cards installed in the PCIS-8580-13S system exhibit software and hardware transparency as they are conveniently detected, accessed, and programmed from the host computer. The PCIS-8580-13S PCI-to-PCI expansion system is an ideal solution for your measurement/control systems which need large capacity for PCI devices.

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