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ACL-8112 Series

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16-CH 12-Bit 100 kS/s Multi-Function DAQ Cards

  • 12-bit A/D resolution
  • Up to 100 kS/s sampling rate
  • 16-CH single-ended or 8-CH differential inputs
  • Bipolar or unipolar analog input ranges
  • Programmable gains, x0.5, x1, x5, x10, x50, x100, x500 (ACL-8112HG),
  • Automatic analog input scanning
  • DMA for analog inputs
  • 2-CH 12-bit multiplying analog outputs
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ADLINK ACL-8112 is a high performance, high speed multi-function data acquisition card for IBM PC or compatible computers.The ACL-8112 series is designed to combine all data acquisition functions, such as A/D, D/A, DIO and timer/counter into a single board, The high-end specifications of the card makes it ideal for a wide range of applications requiring high speed. The ACL-8112HG provides special high-gain programmable instrument amplifier for low level input applications, such as measurement of thermo-coupling signals. The ACL-8112 devices all provide high speed sampling rate up to 100 kS/s at all gains. The ACL-8112PG features 16 single-ended inputs and bipolar inputs, while the ACL-8112DG and ACL-8112HG feature 16 single-ended or 8 differential inputs. All ACL-8112 devices also feature 2 12-bit double-buffered analog outputs, 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs, and one general purpose timer/counter.

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