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16-CH Isolated DI &16-CH Isolated DO Card

  • 16-CH isolated digital inputs and 16-CH isolated digital outputs
  • 16-CH TTL digital inputs and 16-CH TTL digital outputs
  • Non-polarity digital input range (isolated digital inputs)
  • 2500 VRMS optical isolation
  • Sink current up to 500 mA on each isolated output
  • One 8254 chip on board which provide a set of cascaded timers and one independent counter
  • Two external interrupt sources
  • Compact, half-size PCB
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ADLINK ACL-7130 is an isolated digital I/O card. The card provides 16 isolated digital inputs and 16 isolated digital outputs. The isolated channels are suitable for applications in the industry environment. There are another 16 TTL digital inputs and outputs. The TTL inputs and outputs bring flexible functionalities in the ACL- 7130. The device also features dual interrupt lines. One is generated by the external digital signals and the other is generated from the 8254 timer, which can be used in watchdog and trigger signal monitoring applications. In addition to the digital I/O functions, the ACL-7130 device provides one general-purpose 16-bit counter.

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