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PC/104-Plus 8-CH Relay Outputs & 8-CH Isolated DI Module

  • PC/104-Plus specifications Rev. 1.2 compliant
  • 4-CH SPDT and 4-CH SPST relays
  • Nonlatching relays
  • On-board LED indicators for relay status
  • On-board relay driving circuits
  • Relay output status read back
  • 8-CH isolated digital inputs
  • On-board low-pass filtering for digital inputs
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ADLINK PCM-7250+ provides 8-CH relay outputs and 8-CH isolated digital inputs for PC/104-Plus form factor. Four of the relays are SPDT (Form C) and four are SPST (Form A), which are suitable for device connection with ON/OFF control. The status of each relay output is represented by an on-board LED. When the relay is in SET condition, its corresponding LED will turn ON, and on the contrary, it is OFF. All of the digital input channels are non-polarity and optically isolated. You can set for each digital input by using RC filter or not. The devices are suitable for collecting digital inputs in noisy environments. ADLINK PCM-7250+ device delivers cost-effective, general-purpose and reliable control capability, and is ideal for a wide variety of industry applications.

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