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2-CH 14-Bit 65 MS/s PCI Digitizers with 512MB DDR3 RAM

  • Supports a 32-bit 3.3V and 5V PCI bus
  • 14-bit A/D resolution and sampling rate up to 60 MS/s with internal timebase & 65 MS/s with external timebase
  • 2-CH single-ended bipolar inputs, and on-board DDR3 RAM up to 512MB
  • Analog and digital triggering
  • Fully auto calibration
  • Multiple modules synchronization capability
  • User-configurable input impedance of 50Ω or high input impedance
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ADLINK PCI-9820 is a 65 MS/s, high-resolution PCI digitizer with deep DDR3 RAM memory. The device features flexible input configurations, including programmable input ranges and user-selectable input impedance. With the deep on-board acquisition memory, the PCI-9820 is not limited by the 132 MB/s bandwidth of PCI bus and can record the waveform for a long period of time. The PCI-9820 is ideal for high-speed waveform capturing, such as radar and ultrasound applications, as well as software radio applications, or those signal digitizing applications which need deep memory for data storage.

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