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Food-B15/B17/B19 IP69K

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15"/17"/19" industrial panel PC with Intel Atom E3845 processor and and complete stainless steel housing (IP69K)

  • Modular high-performance industrial panel PC with fully enclosed housing (IP69K)
  • Fast data input via touchscreen
  • Various inputs and reader devices (e.g. Legic RFID) and scanner easily connectable
  • Wireless LAN integrated (optional)
  • Passively cooled with no ventilation slots or fan
  • Stainless steel housing:connectors via IP69K-rated cable feedthrough
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The PENTA ADLINK Food series of panel PCs is the ideal solution for applications requiring an industrial computer in wet environments with hygienic considerations. The Food series is completely dust and waterproof with an IP69K rated stainless steel enclosure and gap-free design, allowing for easy cleaning and sterilization. Able to withstand high-pressure water sprays up to 80°C from all sides, Food series panel PCs feature passive cooling with no moving parts to ensure high reliability. With a fully-sealed IP69K-rated enclosure, the Food series is ideally suited for use in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
Meat Packing Plant Enhanced with IP69K Panel PC

"With ADLINK PENTA"s IP69K Panel PCs, cleaning teams can start working without lengthy instructions and also use efficient high pressure or steam cleaning without running the risk of damaging the PC systems due to improper cleaning. Should there be any malfunction, ADLINK PENTA"s IP69K Panel PC can be replaced in less than 5 minutes by just one employee, thanks to the light weight of the PC and the screw connectors that cannot be mixed up during replacement"said Nick Gutsmann, a member of Ulmer Fleisch"s IT division


Industrial Panel Computers Flyer

ADLINK�s Industrial Panel PCs, including the Food & Giant Series, are the ideal solution for applications requiring panel computers that can withstand harsh environments. The Food & Giant Series have a rugged design and easy-to-use touchscreen interfaces, and are also easy to maintain. Download this flyer to see the easy cleaning and flexible integration design features of the Food & Giant Series, as well as case studies showing how leading meat processing and toy manufacturers in Germany use ADLINK Industrial Panel PCs to enhance operational efficiency.


Video DEMO

Hygienic-Design IP69K Panel PC Simplifies Food Processing Operation

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