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4U 19'' Network Appliance with Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 v3/v4 Family

  • Based on Open Compute Carrier-grade Edge Reference Architecture (OCCERA)
  • Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 v3/v4 Family platform
  • 4U high-density platform with four dual Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 v3/v4 systems
  • Dual switch modules provide 2x 50G internal Ethernet links to each compute node
  • 2x 400Gb/s Ethernet bandwidth, 2x 200Gb/s PCIe bandwidth, total 1.2Tb/s bandwidth
  • Flexible IO combinations via choice of switch sleds (MXN-3610, MXN-4100) and Network Interface Modules (NIM-1610, NIM-0440)
  • Advanced chassis management
  • Redundant AC/DC PSUs (N+1)
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The ADLINK CSA-7400 is a high-performance high-density computing platform suppor ting four dual Intel® Xeon® processors E5 compute nodes, interconnected by dual redundant switch modules. The CSA-7400 can ensure uninterrupted service delivery through hot-swappable compute nodes and switch modules. It is ideally suited for building nextgeneration high-performance firewalls and virtualized telecom elements. The main features of the CSA-7400 are summarized as follows:

  • Supports four single-system dual Intel® Xeon® processors E5 compute nodes (MCN-2600T)
  • Dual switch modules provide 2x 50G internal Ethernet links to each compute node
  • Support for hardware based acceleration for processing NVGRE and VXLAN, assisting the construction of large layer 2 networks in the cloud
  • Support for IPMI 2.0 specification, web-based intelligent system management, and support for SOL on compute nodes
  • Dual redundant power supply units provide active power management on compute nodes, support flexible power limit polices
  • Support for PacketManager software to provide data plane software stacks for dynamic layer 3 and flow-based forwarding, accelerating development of customer applications
  • Optional integration of Wind River® Titanium Server software to provide carrier grade NFV service
  • Support for hardware acceleration for Open vSwitch and OpenFlow protocol processing, accelerating SDN services

    Compute Node Specification
    The MCN-2600 is one of the key components of OCCERA, a modularized compute node motherboard. This document describes the MCN-2600 compute node motherboard,which has integrated the latest technologies from Intel architecture processors, particularly the latest advancements in NFV. The MCN-2600 can bring high performance to the cloud while meeting the industrial computing requirements for flexible expansion, hardware acceleration, and high availability.

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    ADLINK Modular Industrial Cloud Architecture at IDF 2016

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