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SEMA Cloud

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Application ready comprehensive industrial IoT Platform

  • Connecting Devices to a Cloud Platform and to Web Applications
  • For remote monitoring and controlling your devices
  • Ready to develop own Applications
  • Perform remote Firmware/Bios updates
  • Integration of operational device Data to business processes
  • Comfortable easy to use Management Portal
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SEMA Cloud® comprises a cloud server architecture hosting the SEMA Cloud® IoT Service which can be managed and administered by a web based Management Portal and which is provided to ADLINKs customers as platform as a service (PaaS). And it includes a smart Gateway software with an IoT stack on top of intelligent SEMA middleware, enabling embedded devices to connect securely to the cloud using state-of-the-art encryption technologies without additional design requirements. By pushing data to the users cloud server via any kind of TCP/IP connection such as 3G, 4G, LAN or wireless LAN — system operators have easy access to data and analytics through web browsers or a web application programming interface (WebAPI), using devices such as desktop PC, tablet or smartphone or using data analytics systems. System operators can verify, monitor and manage system performance from a single, central location, improving reliability and reducing management costs.

SEMA Cloud® is a very flexible platform which is application ready on the one hand side, but also open for further development of customer specific applications leveraging the different kind of data including customer specific data made available.

ADLINK offers to its customers Evaluation Packages which include the right to use the new Application Enablement Platform for one year and which include licenses and fees already to connect up to 10 or 50 devices, respectively, for test and development purposes. Customers can easily enter the new exciting world of IoT and test and develop their own IoT solution with reduced time to market (TTM) and without need of large investments in new IT infrastructure. Thus, SEMA Cloud® enables customers to reduce maintenance costs of their embedded systems and to monetize their data in short time.

Special Features

HTTPS / TR50 Interface
MQTT / TR50 Interface
TLS 1.2 Data EncryptionTLS 1.2 Data Encryption
Operation Rule Processor = Downloads and executes configuration files on the device
Location Tracking = Positional representation of all devices
Not always connected mode = Schedule the data transfer
Remote FW/SW updates= to one or several devices at the same time
Connection Drop Recognition= Store data until connection is back and re-transmit
Campaign Management = Scheduling of actions or tasks for single devices or pre-defined groups of devices
File Transfer = Additional customer data can be transferred

Data Server Features

  • Connection Management
  • Device Management
  • Alert Notifications
  • Rating Engine
  • Reporting Engine
  • MQTT Broker

Management Portal Features

  • Enhanced user friendly Dashboard
  • Ready for SEMA interaction (e.g. protect / configure groups of devices by a few clicks using SEMA calls)
  • Ready for location tracking
  • Ready for File Transfer (e.g. BIOS)
  • Ready for campaign management
  • Ready for remote FW/SW updates

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