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Consolidated the Packet Processing Functionality for Telecom and Networking Applications

  • Unified Hardware Abstraction Layer to support Intel, Cavium and Broadcom chipsets
  • Rich APIs for customers to develop their own software modules
  • Full support for IPv4 and IPv6 routing
  • Full support for flow-based classification, filtering, and policies such as load-balancing, mirroring
  • Hardware offloading for data encryption and compression
  • Protocols supported: STP, VLAN, LACP, IPv4, IPv6, RIP, OSPF, BGP, GTP
  • Up to 10x and 4x performance increase for forwarding and DPI applications, respectively
  • Performance scales linearly with CPU resources and number of ports

Due to the exponential growth of data traffic, service operators need increased levels of switching and fast forwarding bandwidth to keep up with rapidly growing operational demands. ADLINK has developed its own network traffic management software, PacketManager, to allow customers to configure, manage and monitor ADLINK switch and processor blades.

Designed to support different hardware architectures, including x86, Cavium, Broadcom and Intel® Red Rock Canyon, ADLINK PacketManager provides a hardware abstraction layer (HAL), to make transparent the differences in hardware between platforms. In addition to HAL, ADLINK PacketManager also includes a variety of L2/L3 protocols, as well as flow handling routines that allow customers to develop their own applications for both data and control planes with less effort.

  • Control Plane Software

  • Built using the Linux operating system as a foundation, the ADLINK PacketManager control plane includes the most commonly used Layer2/3 protocols and API features, including VLAN, LAG, IGMP, STP, RIP, OSPF, BGP, ISIS, ACL and QoS. The control plane also takes ownership of updating the protocol state/ information, including port state/statistics, ARP/routing tables, and relative protocols states, and then synchronizes the data with the data plane.

    For easy deployment and management, ADLINK PacketManager not only provides a friendly command line interface (CLI), but also includes remote procedure call (RPC) based APIs to allow further customization and integration with the customers? management systems.

  • Data Plane Software

  • In contrast to the control plane, the ADLINK PacketManager data plane provides a fast path to process packets using pre-defined routines, without extra protocol interaction. Generally, with the exception of protocol packets which are sent to the control plane for further processing, the data plane can process most packets at a linear rate relative to that of the physical interfaces.

    ADLINK PacketManager provides a range of customizable data plane routines to classify the incoming packets based on traditional destination IP as well as innovative flow tuples, then perform deeper checking and processing such as flow analysis and content inspection, and finally execute pre-defined actions on the matched packets, such as drop, mirror, QoS, or forwarding.

    The data plane also includes hardware acceleration components, including data encryption/ decryption, compression/decompression, and regular expression handling, to help offload valuable CPU resources that can be used for other packet processing tasks.
    ADLINK PacketManager can be easily used by customers to develop and deploy mainstream applications, especially for applications which require high performance packet processing ability and a wide range of protocol support, such as:
    • L2/L3 switching/routing
    • L4/L7 load balancing
    • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
    • Next-generation firewall, security gateway
    • 3G/LTE/C-RAN network traffic offloader/accelerator
    • Wi-Fi access point controller
    • SDN/NFC solutions

    Network Software that Consolidates Packet Processing Functionality for Telecom and Networking Applications

    PacketManager is an abstracted software package designed for telecom, networking, security equipment to accelerate and enrich packet processing capabilities

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